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HMRC Offshore Disclosures

Do you have an offshore bank account, investment accounts, own property or have business interests abroad? If so, you must speak to HMRC about offshore disclosures.

Many people think they can easily conceal untaxed income and gains from the HMRC by putting their assets into an offshore account. In recent years HMRC investigations have stepped up and HMRC has made a concerted effort to put an end to this. Following agreements made with other countries they are now receiving much more information about assets held abroad by UK residents. This includes bank and investment accounts, properties and business interests.

HMRC has also increased the maximum penalties that can be applied to cases where offshore accounts have been used to evade tax

What Happens In An HMRC Fraud Investigation?

Dealing with HMRC whether you are a UK resident or domiciled in the UK can be a complicated area and HMRC may request information from you which they are not required to give to them. It is entirely justifiable to operate offshore bank accounts and there will not necessarily be any tax liability in the UK.

As tax investigation specialists, MS Taxes will discuss your circumstances with you and establish whether HMRC is entitled to the information they have requested. If we believe HMRC is not entitled to the information they have requested, then we will advise them of this and ensure that you only provide the documentation and information they are legally entitled to. However, if you wish to provide all the information to them voluntarily basis then we will make sure HMRC is made aware of your extra co-operation of providing these documents to them

If, however, you have used an offshore bank account to conceal untaxed income or gains then MS Taxes can handle the offshore disclosures investigation for you on your behalf.

Find out why you are being investigated by HMRC here

So, whether you need to speak to us about an investigation, voluntary offshore disclosure or currently have or have previously held an offshore account, then please call our offshore specialist team on 0333 5776909 or email

We are here to help with all your VAT investigations, contractual disclosures and voluntary disclosures. MS Taxes is a tax investigation company serving Birmingham and London.

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Tax Specialist


Partner Nicola has a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of Indirect Tax Investigations (VAT).
Nicola has been VAT Inspector for over 20 years at HM Customs now HM Revenue & Customs. She was a Higher Officer for more than 10 years.
Her duties included carrying out vat inspections of all types and size of businesses dealing with technical issues to detecting evasion. Nicola recently joined MS Taxes as head of Indirect Tax Investigation.

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Tax Investigation Specialist
Tofail,Founding Partner and Tax Investigation Specialist


Founding Partner

Tofail is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of experience in accountancy and taxation.
He has worked alongside a former Inspector of Taxes gaining invaluable insights of inner HMRC workings, which he utilises to support clients through tax challenges and steer clear from possible investigations.
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Tax Specialist
Tim,Founding Partner


Founding Partner

Tim has a wealth of experience dealing with all types of International Payroll Tax and IR35 Tax Investigations.
Tim has worked within Financial Services and Accounting since 2001 including working with HMRC on VAT investigations.
He is a specialist in International Taxation Experience, International PEO Employment Solutions as well as in providing solutions for contractors and limited companies.

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Worldwide Disclosure Expert



Andrew began his career in HM Customs & Excise and subsequently moved to HMRC (then called the Inland Revenue) on appointment as one of HM Inspector of Taxes.
completing his training he was sent as District Inspector in charge of West Midlands and was soon transferred to Head Office as a fraud investigator in Enquiry Branch (now Fraud Investigation Services) where he spent eight years conducting Code of Practice 9 investigations on a wide variety of individuals, partnerships and companies.

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